Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reporting Services 2008 overwrites MDX parameter datasets

I was a bit frustrated when I was editing my Reporting Services 2008 report on an OLAP cube, when every time I updated the main query the parameter datasets were overwritten with the generated MDX. Also, parameter datasets that uses other parameters, will also overwrite these other parameter datasets. My initial workaround was to keep a notepad open with all the parameter MDX, and to cut and paste it into the parameter datasets after each edit. However, there is a much better workaround. If you change any parameter dataset, in the query that references the parameter, take out the dimension reference (and hierarchy) and type in the default value. Once the dimension reference has gone, editing the dataset will not interfere with any MDX you write for the paramters.

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1 comment:

jason said...

Thanks a lot for this valuable tip, i was getting so bugged with it...You make one small change and it changes the entire dataset... Weird though!