Sunday, October 5, 2008

Can SQL Server SSIS and AS process 500 records/second?

Absolutely yes.
See This site is processing over 500 records/second every second of the day. In fact this 500 records/second is small fry and can be achieved with a couple of desktop PCs. Here is a jpg of the current view. If you can read the image, it says that the current server time is Oct 5, 19:19, and the cube is only 19 seconds behind. The top left scorecard is telling us that 31,308 records were processed for the last 60 seconds, and the rest of the scorecard is providing indicators for the activity in this 60 seconds (Actual). The Target numbers are the average figures for the last hour. The charts on the right are providing trends for the last 60 minutes. Note how the last point on the x axis is 19, that is 19:19. Some of the charts are interactive, so you can drill down and around the cube in an ad hoc fashing.

Also see the SQL Server dashboard, which is based on the same cube, and offers more interactive scorecards and charts. For example,when you focus on any of the KPIs, the chart, at top right, will dynamically change to display trend lines for this KPI.

This PerformancePoint dashboard is giving us close to real time information, on a database that has over 500 inserts/second. Interestingly the dashboard is telling us the performance activity of the SQLS, SSIS and SSAS processes. See how the machines (they aren't real servers, just our two home PCs) are averaging <10%

Go to to see this and other demonstrations live.

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