Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Digital Dashboards on Mobile Devices

I have surprised many people by showing them live digital dashboards on mobile devices simply from SQL Server Reporting Services (naturally with an OLAP cube underpinning). See for a live demonstration. The dashboard isn't that attractive, but nothing is on a mobile device. The point is that dashboards can be easily delivered to mobile devices and they can be close to real time. The picture on the right is a dashboard that I have just surfed to, and it contains information as of 60 seconds ago - that is up to and including 13:55 today. It is telling me what the processor utilisations and disk performance metrics are for my two home servers. Furthermore, any one of the metric headings can be clicked on for more detailed information on that metric.

Note; the real challenge with mobile devices is security. While an Internet page can be restricted for a challenge/response authentication, this is not so simple with mobile devices. If anyone knows of a simple workaround to mobile security, I would like to hear about it.

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