Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nigel Pendse' BI Survey 8

As a participant, I have just received a complimentary copy of BI Survey 8. I have been reading Nigel's surveys since 1999. While I often disagreed with some of his findings, I have always considered him the best analyst in the Business Intelligence space.

Unfortunately, I am not able to quote anything from the BI Survey. Nigel Pendse is remunerated by subscribers (not vendors) which makes his surveys refreshingly independent.

I would encourage any organization, about to embark on a data warehouse/business intelligence project, to subscribe to this analysis. Unless you are a seasoned BI developer, you will benefit from many insights and be much better armed before being caressed by a dapper BI sales team.

The current survey includes analyses on the selection process, who succeeded by vendor, biggest outstanding issues, size of deployment etc. etc. Those who are familiar with Nigel’s reports will know that he is very candid when talking about vendors and products. He really doesn’t hold back, understandably since this is what his subscribers are paying for.

I encourage openness in our BI industry. My hope is that the more informed organizations are, the better the decisions they will make, improving the effectiveness and reputation of our BI industry.

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