Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photo Switcheroo

Everyone knows that my web logs go into a cube and provide a demonstration of how powerful OLAP cubes are (http://RichardLees.com.au/Sites/Demonstrations) Well I have noticed an increasing number of hits from personal sites that have links to photos on my site. One in particular - the surfing photo on at top left. I am not sure if they do it for copyright or web performance reasons. Anyway, I have switched the top left photo for one of myself - top right. Is that an awful thing to do? If my conscience gets the better of me, I will switch them back.

Here is a list of a few of the sites that are using the photo and now have my photo. No doubt they will notice the old guy on the surf ski, at some stage, and update the photo.

There are more sites using the surfing photo. If you are interested, you can query my weblogs cube and look for Referrers to Surfing.jpg It is one 0f the top referring targets. You can also see which sites are still using it. Just look for hits after April 20.

For real time OLAP and data mining demonstrations go to http://RichardLees.com.au/Sites/Demonstrations

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