Monday, June 8, 2009

Altavista is Back in Action

Anyone who was using the internet in the 1990s, like me, will fondly remember, the best search engine of that era.

I have just noticed that it is back in action and referring people to my site! It seems to have replaced referrals that have come from Yahoo. I guess that shouldn't be so surprising since Yahoo acquired Altavista in a roundabout way via Overture Services.

What is interesting to me is that has come back and that almost all of the Altavista referrals (on my site) have come from Chicargo, Illinois. Anyone know why might be?

I have attached a couple of reports, one is simply the Top Referrers Report from which shows altavista suddenly appearing in Maya 2009. The other I have created using ThinSlicer showing the geographic location of the altavista users. You can do the same remotely on my site. Or, if you prefer, the default dashboard on has a top referrers grid at the bottom right of the dashboard, which is interactive, so you can drill down on Altavista or drill across to any other dimension.

I find it interesting participating and watching the competition between the big search engines. From the stats on my site, is by far the largest, with enjoying a steady workload. By the way, the home page on the dashboard above shows the top referrers, but only for the last 5 months. If you want to see a longer range, simply drill up on the time dimension to All, then drill back down to month and you will see all months.


Anthony Martin said...

I'm curious, do you know if rss readers of your site (like myself) show up in the stats you are capturing?

Richard Lees said...

Yes, you certainly do. I will discuss it in the next blog.