Monday, January 4, 2010

Get Active and Eat Well

It's summer holiday season in Australia and I have been spending more time with the family, beach and unicyle. That's why I haven't blogged for 3 weeks.

My first blog for 2010 is to remind everyone that we need to keep active and eat well. I have had too many friends that have become software developers at the expense of social interaction, exercise and good eating. That was me for the first 5 years I worked at Microsoft. Long work hours combined with junk food and little activity. I have since learnt that you are a much more inovative developer if you keep a balance between work, family, exercise and social interaction. The good news is that you can recover, I did.

Yesterday, my second son, Sven, helped me create a video of my typical unicycle jaunt around Sydney's North Head. Take a peak at

Stay active and eat well.


lancea said...

Hi Richard. See the "Cover Story" photo on the left as you scroll down the page at The guy in yellow has the same colours, and of course you wouldn't need your tights in the warmer weather of NZ. But not you I gather? :-) Have a good 2010.

Richard Lees said...

Ha, unfortunately, I can't own up to those legs. Actually, I didn't make the unicycle worlds. So I will have to find another excuse to visit Wellington.