Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look after yourself

I primarily write about business intelligence topics.  However, I believe there is much more to life than BI, and I encourage everyone working in BI to ensure they maintain a balanced life, whatever that is. 

One strategy I use is to go to work using some fun self propelled exercise. In my case this is either paddling a kayak across the harbour, or cycle around the harbour. Here is a video of my unicycle into work last week.
This ensures that I get to work in good humour and helps me keep fit and healthy.


Nick Barclay said...

Richard, that is awesome!

Elise said...

I have to echo that comment...this is awesome! We have a couple kayaks at SoftArtisans that we take out on the river - no unicycles yet. I especially liked the man applauding on the bridge. How many high fives do you average on a trip into work?

Richard Lees said...

Yes yes, kayaking is great fun too. Most people are very encouraging of my unicycling to work, and I do get the occasional high five.

Jonimatix said...

Amazing work, but the career is not everything in life :)