Friday, January 30, 2009

Is my web site getting slower

Strange things have been happening in our household over the Christmas holidays. My web dashboard tells me that as from January 1st, my web server's average respone times have deteriorated badly. A few days ago my ISP informed me that I had exceeded my monthly limit, and one of my sons has been watching a lot of movies on his laptop lately.
The chart above (you can see the latest from shows the dramatic slow down of the response times since the downloads were happening. Has anyone using my site noticed the slow down?
My son confesses that he might have used up a little of our bandwidth downloading these movies and from now on he will limit it to one at a time and mostly after hours. Also, I think that since school has started he won't have so much time to watch movies on his laptop. At least I am hoping.
What would be really nice is an ability to give a lower priority to these downloads (happening in the background) over online http requests to my server. I am not much of a network engineer. Does anyone know if there is a simple way of prioritising this adsl2 traffic?

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