Monday, February 2, 2009

Microsoft is discontinuing PerformancePoint Server

This is hard for me to fathom, let alone beleive.

Microsoft was a new entrant to the Financial Planning software arena with PPS back in 2007. However it's V1 product received positive reviews (see Nigel Pendse's report). However, it appears that they won't be doing any more work on the planning component after the release of PPS 2007 sp3, and will roll the dashboard software into SharePoint Server.

I am pleased to hear that they are continuing the dashboard software, since that's the component that I often use. See my demonstration site on and it makes sense to roll it into SharePoint. Hopefully this will mean that it will be easy to license it for Internet use.

But I can't help but feel that they are making a mistake in dropping the planning product that could have a huge future.


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Julian said...

Yes - quite shocking. Suggestion is that the partner base wasn't equipped to install applications of this (business) complexity.

Perhaps they'll put it on Codeplex.