Saturday, November 21, 2009

MDX is a redundant language

It is often said that SQL is a redundant language, since all but the most simple queries can be written many different ways. Well, I find MDX much more redundant than SQL. There really are thousands of ways to express the same logical query. I like this, since it means that there are lots of opportunities to tune the query by writing it in a different way. Just like SQL. As an MDX writer, I encourage you to strengthen your ability to write queries in different (redundant) ways. This will make you more powerful in query writing and give you more performance opportunities.

Here is a simple example, which involves one of the most common "brick walls" hit by new MDX writers. You want to write a query that would be the logical equivalent of
columnx IN ('Australia','New Zealand'). Here is one way to write this in MDX

with member [Client Host].[Client Geography].ANZ as
sum({[Client Host].[Client Geography].[Region].&[Asia].[AUSTRALIA],
[Client Host].[Client Geography].[Region].&[Asia].[NEW ZEALAND]})
{measures.hits,measures.sessions,Measures.[bytes total]} on 0,
tail([Date].[Year Month Day].[Month],12) on 1
from [EasternMining]
where [Client Host].[Client Geography].ANZ

Here is another way to write exactly the same query

{measures.hits,measures.sessions,Measures.[bytes total]} on 0,
tail([Date].[Year Month Day].[Month],12) on 1
(select {[Client Host].[Client Geography].[Region].&[Asia].[AUSTRALIA],
[Client Host].[Client Geography].[Region].&[Asia].[NEW ZEALAND]} on 0
from [EasternMining])

Of course there are many other ways of expressing this same query. I would not suggest that you should use one technique over the other. It really depends on which one is easier to read, easier to maintain, and runs faster.

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maks said...

my MDX is a bit rusty, but couldn't you simply add those 2 regions into the WHERE clause?

Sam Kane said...

Here are this and some other articles about MDX: